WELCOME TO ATL Sliders Texas Chapter
Line Dance Group
If you are looking for high quality in Line Dance instructions, you've come to the right place.
This is the Texas Chapter of the original ATL Sliders of Atlanta Georgia. Shay has worked directly with its originator and is bringing ATL style line dancing to Central Texas!!!
 This IS line dancing at its BEST!!  
This is an enthusiastic group of people who enjoy music, dancing and fun times. You will learn old dances you never learned before and new ones you've never heard of.
 Got a dance you want to learn? Shay is here to help.

We offer the best in Hustles, Slides and Line Dancing!!!!.
ATL Sliders,Texas Chapter
To MOTIVATE those who use the word can't when they CAN! To bring out the Talented, Vivacious, and Dancer in all.